BEST Halley Easel


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Beautiful and strong, the Halley will tilt into a table for gessoing, varnishing or watercolor work. It will tilt forward for pastel artists to allow the pastel dust to fall from the work surface. The Halley also has a multitude of settings for use with oil, acrylic or airbrush.

  • Maximum canvas height: 80" vertical; 82" horizontal
  • Base width/depth: 23" × 27"
  • Compact easel height: 54"
  • Maximum easel height: 84"
  • Height when used as a table: 36"
  • Self-leveling tray features a melamine paint mixing surface with a small stainless steel cup for solvent
  • Shipping weight: 52 lbs.
  • Box dimensions: 55" × 29" × 8"
  • Ships UPS; some assembly req.

*This easel is suitable for: oil, acrylic, casein, pastel and watercolor

Assembly Instructions and a Video for additional help.

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